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Lit Crawl L.A., Los Angeles’ vibrant and popular community literary festival, fosters a love of all things literary in the Southland. Lit Crawl L.A. supports and encourages writers and readers to use the power of the word to bring people together, and tickle the mind.

Now in our second year, Lit Crawl L.A. celebrates our community’s written word with readings, storytelling, poetry, science fiction, short stories – pretty much every imaginable genre and format that involves books and authors. And all events are free to the public. As a nonprofit project, your support is Lit Crawl L.A.’s most important resource!

Let’s keep literary arts alive and growing in Los Angeles.





Lit Crawl LA: NoHo (Photo by Rosalind Helfand)

Lit Crawl L.A. (Photo by Rosalind Helfand)